ProtoTape Crank Protection GX spiderless

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ProtoTape protects your crank arms from scratches . Designed in Italy, hand Crafted in England! Easy to install, self adhesive vinyl with a quality that will last longer than your bike. It will be the skin of your bike!

Design your cranks with ProtoTape.


  • Protects the critical parts of your crank.

  • Easy to install,

  • Will last longer than your bike.

  • Designed for universal CARBON CRANK.

  • CLEAR version is perfect for protecting new cranks or for protection without visual impact.

  • This kit is ideal carbon cranks.


  • - 500 microns PVC.

  • - Unique UV Texture, triple layers for more protection.

  • - Cool look&feel texture.

  • - The kit has been designed for easy installation.

  • - High quality material, it does not degradeor yellow over time.

  • - 2 parts for a GX spiderless arms.